People First

“Taking advanced safety measures is not an option,
it's the way we operate.”

Millennium puts a high emphasis on safety of our workers and taking safety measures across the construction sites. We have an established OHS system as per OHSAS 18001- 2007 for our Organisation. We have a Safety Policy and a Specific Safety Plan for each and evert project sites. Asst. General Manager heads the E.H.S. (Enviornment Health & Safety) at the organisational level, under him there are qualified Officers - E.H.S., Supervisors - E.H.S. and Stewards - E.H.S. .The E.H.S. department at sites normally headed by a qualified officer - E.H.S. . Adequate and timely trainings are given to the employees and workers to perform tasks safely and securely.

Vertigo tests are been conducted for all who are working at heights. We employ only those people who pass the test for the height work. The entry of labourers inside the site are been restricted by a bar code system. Only those labourers who have Safety Induction training will be allowed to work at the site. Labourers equipped with PPEs are been allowed to enter inside the premises. Safety nets and personal fall arrest systems are been provided for prevention of fall from heights. Moreover, eyes and face protection equipment are been provided for those who are facing such hazards. We also train our labourers and site engineers regarding proper handling and risks related to hazardous materials. Well-qualified medical professionals perform routine medical check-up for labourers and site engineers. We always take efforts to create a safe and healthy working environment along with guidelines given by E.H.S. Department. We have received awards several times for best safety practices and creating a healthy environment. We have received Gold Trophy for safety 5 times consecutively from Pune Construction Engineering Research Foundation’s (PCERF) (Kumar Beharay Construction Safety Awards). In addition, we have certificates from National Safety Council.

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