Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Millennium Engineers & Contractors Ltd aspires to become the most preferred civil engineering contractor. We commit ourselves to delight our clients by surpassing their expectations while consistently meeting our compliance obligations in extremely safe and eco-friendly manner.

Our Mission

To provide our Clients Quality construction, Timely completion, The most satisfying post project services while ensuring prevention of injuries, ill health and protection of environment. We will achieve this through Continual Improvement in our people, process and technology, Significant reduction in construction related Occupational Health & Safety Risks and Environmental Impact.

Our Values

We recognize that our greatest asset is our people.

We provide them a Safe working environment in which our employees can do their excellent work without getting hurt.

We provide them with opportunities and support them to reach their full potential, fostering personal responsibility in the process. We create a competitive working environment for their growth.

We conduct our business in a legal and ethical manner; build lasting relationships through honesty, respect and trust with our employees as well as our clients and our associates.

We skilfully execute our work, utilizing innovation and ingenuity, so that we provide a high quality finished product (projects) and excellent client service.

We care for the environment and are supportive of the communities in which we work.

Team building activities for our corporate staff

Organizing team-building activities helps our staff to get to know each other more and form good bonding. We organize trips, staff get together parties, and other fun activities to give them a break from daily routine and experience something different. These activities facilitate better communication between them and enable them to get comfortable with each other. We also organize some fun games and activities to give them a much-needed break and rejuvenation from the daily routine. During these activities, they share few things about them and get to know each other more. It helps them to work harmoniously and create a happy and positive environment. Moreover, they can interact freely with the leadership team and build a sense of understanding and trust. It bridges the communication gap between employees at the different hierarchy and creates openness for the exchange of ideas, which in turn, helps them to grow and get exposure to different perspectives. These activities expand their comfort zone, which enables them to interact with colleagues freely. By applying Lean Management Techniques, we make them a part of decision-making team. This brings a feeling of belongingness to the team.

Doorstep School

Education is of the utmost importance. Labourers avoid admitting their children into school due to various reasons including money, lack of awareness, lack of facilities etc. As a result, the children of labourers lose their beautiful childhood. We understand being our responsibility to educate them for their bright future. Along with offering assistance and cooperation in building a colony for labourers, we are dedicated to providing a good future for their children through education. We make sure every child of our labourers get proper education. We established crèche for these children, with teaching facilities by NGO s like Door Step School. When they grow up from primary level, they are admitted to nearby government schools and transportation facilities are provided to them. To ensure they are healthy, we conduct routine medical check-ups and make medical assistance available whenever necessary. We are instrumental in ensuring comprehensive development and bright future of these children.

Labor Colony

We provide a well - built and well planned labour colony for labourers either at site or at a nearby place where they can live with their families. We ensure clean drinking water, electricity, sanitary facilities and safety of our workers. Pre- fabricated multi storied structure with insulated walls & roofing provides a safe, secure and weatherproof dwellings. The colonies are on guard 24x7 with professional security team. A dedicated camp boss looks after the hygiene and service needs of the labourers. Regular house- keeping, hygiene check-ups, fumigation etc. ensured at labour camps. Well-qualified medical professionals do a routine medical check-up for labourers and their families. Along with such facilities, we ensure minimum attrition of our labourers. We also extend the statutory benefits like PF, ESI & EC Insurance coverages to the labourers. After all, their contribution to the construction of our project is the most vital.

Fun activities for workers

To give labourers much-needed break from hard work they do every day, we organize fun activities for them and their families. Near the labour colonies, we organize various activities to ensure labourers and their families are having fun and bonding with each other. Providing a well-balanced and happy life has always been our approach. We try to involve every labourer and their family in fun activities, so they that they get a moment to rejoice and refresh. These activities make them get together, relieve stress, and enjoy themselves. Different types of games are organized and those winning the games are been rewarded. Enjoyment and bonding are two important purposes for organizing these activities for labourers and their families.

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